SQL*XL download

Download, Install, Activation and Registration

SQL*XL is windows software. The installation is taken care of by a single installer.
Download the installer…

SQL*XL can be installed on windows machines, either 64 or 32 bits. SQL*XL is a 32bits addin for Microsoft Excel. Therefore, SQL*XL will not work in 64bits MS-Office. But, it is always possible to install 32bits MS-Office on a windows 64bits machine.

Upon succesful installation it will appear in MS-Excel as an extra tab on the ribbon, or in the classic Excel versions, as a new menu item in the menu and as a new toolbar section. If it does not show then it is likely that Excel is configured not to run macro’s, which technically is the nature of the SQL*XL program. In this case, enable the running of macro’s in Excel’s security settings section.

You need to activate the SQL*XL software in order to start the evaluation. If you have purchased licenses you can skip the activation process. Software activation is put in place to allow a fully featured evaluation. After 10 days the software will stop working and a registration key should be entered.
Please request an activation key here…

If you like to continue using the SQL*XL software beyond the evaluation period you need to purchase licenses. We will send you a registration key that fully and premanently enables the software. In addition, your name will appear in the software as the ligitimate owner.
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Other useful information:
A cutdown version of SQLXL was available as SQLXL Standard. We discontinued the Standard edition and now only sell the fully enabled SQL*XL Universal edition.
For your convenience, a test database collection can be downloaded here…. It contains file databases of different kinds to which you can easially connect and access the data.