Linker IT Software BV
Software design and development

Company information:

Mailing address:
Snikke 6
7833 DM
The Netherlands

Contact details:
tel: +31 (0)591 556 314

Trading names:
Linker IT Software B.V.
Linker IT Software
Linker ICT Software
LIT Software
Linker Software

Previously trading as:
Linker IT Software Ltd
Linker IT Consulting Ltd

Company registration:
Chamber of commerce
04077073 (

Gerrit-Jan Linker

Linker IT Software BV is a software services company based in the North East of The Netherlands. We design and develop software, web sites, databases, information systems, etc. We offer software consultancy and programming services, both on site and off site.



Our three principle areas of activities are:

1. Development of Software Products:
LIT Software's leading Excel to database (Oracle) solution SQL*XL is one of the main activities of the company. Continuous development of SQL*XL ensures that it remains the top quality software as it is today. In an ever changing world SQL*XL must be continuously kept compatible with changing Oracle database releases and changing MS Office software.

2. Consultancy Services:
LIT Software's director Gerrit-Jan Linker provides consultancy services. Main areas of activity is database systems design and implementation. Other areas include the tailoring of SQL*XL or integration of it into client's business processes. Consultancy can be provided on site as well as from LIT Software's main office.

3. Support Services:
Systems support is the third main area of activity of LIT Software. LIT Software provides support for SQL*XL to major international companies. In the past LIT Software has provided out of hour support services for the flight information backoffice systems at Manchester and Liverpool airports in the UK.


Company history:

Linker IT Software was founded in June 1998 in Manchester, UK by Gerrit-Jan Linker. Through the company Gerrit-Jan offered his software consultancy services to companies in the North West of England mainly in analyst programmer roles. In 2004, Gerrit-Jan Linker moved from the UK back to The Netherlands. It is the North East of The Netherlands where Linker IT Software is based at the moment.


Over the years Gerrit-Jan Linker developed a number of programs most of which are still available on this site. The main program remains the SQL*XL software (previously called Oraxcel) which is the market leader in the Excel ad-hoc query market. This work continues to be the main area of activity of the company.