litLIB download

Download, Install, Activation and Registration

litLIB is windows software. The installation is taken care of by our installer. Please download the installer you need. It should match the bitness of your MS Office: 32bits or 64bits.
Download the 32bits installer… or Download the 64bits installer…

The installer deploys the software on your machine. After the installation a welcome screen is displayed. This screen (you can run it again: welcome.exe) actually registers litLIB with Excel.

Upon succesful installation litLIB will appear in MS-Excel as an extra section on the Excel functions ribbon, or in the classic Excel versions, as a new menu item in the menu. If it does not show then it is likely that Excel is configured not to run macro’s, which technically is the nature of the litLIB program. In this case, enable the running of macro’s in Excel’s security settings section.

If litLIB does not show, first try to run the welcome.exe again. If that doesn’t help, please look whether litLIB is listed under Excels disabled addins. If you have mistakenly installed the wrong version (32/64bits) please uninstall and ensure that the following files are removed before installing it again:litlib.dll (installed for 32bits, litlib.exe installed for 64bits).

You need to activate the litLIB software in order to start the evaluation. If you have purchased licenses you can skip the activation process. Software activation is put in place to allow a fully featured evaluation. After 10 days the software will stop working and a registration key should be entered.
Please request an activation key here…

If you like to continue using the litLIB software beyond the evaluation period you need to purchase licenses. We will send you a registration key that fully and premanently enables the software. In addition, your name will appear in the software as the ligitimate owner.
Please purchase your licenses here..

Other useful information:
As always, that very function you look for might not be available. Please request us to add it for you. Just drop us a line.

It is recommended you detach litlIB from Excel first. In order to do that, go to the litLIB section on the toolbar/ribbon and start the About litLIB screen. There is a button to detach litLIB from Excel. Next close Excel. From the Add/Remove Programs section in windows, run the uninstaller.