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SQL*XL - Usage
How SQL*XL is used in the industry.

The main usage for SQL*XL is to provide an easy to use interface between Excel and the database. Combining the power of both Excel and databases it is suitable for use in many situations. It predominantly adds flexibility to how data is retrieved and changed. Below are a few examples on how SQL*XL is used.

  • SQL*XL is used to run ad-hoc queries against their databases directly from Excel. SQL*XL is great for ad-hoc analysis, to make dashboards, cockpits, etc.

  • SQL*XL is used to easily input data into the database where the data is taken directly from the spreadsheet. No messing with input files. No access to the server required. End-users can help themselves.

  • SQL*XL is used by end-users who don't know SQL to simply execute SQL files prepared for them. With the addition of parameters these SQL files can give great power to the end users.

  • It is used by Software Testers to take snapshots of the database to see what changes are made by the software they test

  • It is used by Software developers to perpare their test data and to perform data analysis. No worries anymore about formatting the data. Data is easially copied between databases.

  • SQL*XL is used by DBAs to get database system and performance information. This way they can keep records of database performance over time.

  • Custom sulutions can be made to provide templates to end-users or a point and click interface. Developers can easially record the macros in which they incorporate SQL*XL actions providing their own front-ends, dialogs, buttons, etc.