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SQL*XL ADO software is an optional component of SQL*XL version 3. It enables SQL*XL to access all database types and by installing SQL*XL ADO these features will be enabled in SQL*XL.

Important Note:


SQL* + SQL*XL ADO was replaced by the SQL*XL 4 Universal software.


Connecting to the database...
To connect to the database a wizard is provided. In the wizard you specify the driver you wish to use. SQL*XL ADO can use most drivers including ODBC and OLEDB. Direct access via the Jet database engine is also available to Access databases. Further options are available and a test button allows you to test different parameters.
Once you have connected to the database SQL*XL will remember the details. Next time you connect you only have to provide a password if one is required.

A test package with a number of different database types are provided in the SQL*XL Test Databases package. You can use these databases to trial SQL*XL in a safe test environment.

SQL*XL ADO is shipped separately from SQL*XL and has its own installer. You may install SQL*XL ADO before installing SQL*XL version 3 or at any time after the SQL*XL version 3 installation. The next time you load SQL*XL it will recognise that the SQL*XL ADO component is available. You don't need anything else to access other database types, just this SQL*XL ADO software.

ADO, DAO, Drivers, ODBC, confused?...
Different technologies have surpassed each other over the last few years. Consequently there is now a host of different database access technologies in use. Through Microsoft's ADO technology SQL*XL achieves a single user interface to all databases simplifying the access to your data.