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SQL*XL version 3 enables full featured database access from Microsoft Excel. Traditionally SQL*XL has provided access to Oracle databases only. With SQL*XL release 3 and with the SQL*XL ADO software you can now connect to any database type.

QL*XL 3 provides an easy to use bridge between Excel and your databases. SQL*XL adds a new menu item to Excel so database access appears to be native. Through comprehensive dialogs you have interaction with the database.

Explore the database...SQL*XL 3
SQL*XL provides a simple way to browse through the tables in your database. This way you can familiarise yourself with the tables and column details.

Extract data from the database...
Data can be retrieved from the database and put straight into your Excel spreadsheet. Care is taken to format the data correctly so you can use the data in e.g. Excel calculcations and charts without problems. A one click table dump is provided but the main method for retrieving data is through SQL. Simply type the select statement and SQL*XL retrieves the data into Excel.

Data entry & data upload...
A full spreadsheet full of data can be inserted with a few simple mouse clicks. Simply prepare the data in your spreadsheet and use the insert multiple rows feature. Feedback is written next to your data rows to indicate whether the insert was successful or not.

Change data in the database...
Once data is retrieved into Excel, SQL*XL allows you to edit the data in the spreadsheet. When the changes are made, the data can be updated in the database with a few simple mouse clicks. Optionally SQL*XL will ask you to confirm each individual change.

SQL*XL 3Available for all versions...
SQL*XL version 3 is compatible with all current Excel versions: XP (2002), 2000 and 97.
Connectivity to Oracle is supported for the Oracle releases: 9i, 8i, 8.x and 7.x.
Through SQL*XL ADO connection to most other database types are possible. These database types include but are not limited to SQL Server and Access. See the SQL*XL ADO product page for further details.

ScreenCam Tutorials



Shows the installation of SQL*XL and the first startup of the program in Office XP.


Shows the support for macro recording and VBA programming.

To start the tutorial download the file by clicking the icon. Unzip the file and open it in the screencam player which you can download from here


download SQL*XL 3 LITE


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