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SQL*XL version 3 and SQL*XL ADO

SQL*XL 2 menuQL*XL 2 provides an easy to use bridge between Excel and Oracle databases. SQL*XL adds a new menu item to Excel so Oracle access appears to be native. Through comprehensive dialogs you have interaction with the database.

From Oracle...
SQL is taken from a dialog box, spreadsheet or file. The data is put in the spreadsheet where you want it.

To Oracle...
A full spreadsheet full of data can be inserted with one click. When constraints are violated you are prompted with the full Oracle error message. Transaction control lets you rollback or commit the changes.

Update Oracle...
Once data is fetched into Excel, SQL*XL allows you to edit it in the spreadsheet. When you are done, the changes can be updated in Oracle with one mouse click. Optionally SQL*XL will ask you to confirm each individual change.

Macro Recording and VBA support...
SQL*XL 2 supports the recording of Excel macros. Macros can be recorded and/or created by hand. An API reference is supplied for programmers.

Available for all versions...
SQL*XL 2 is compatible with all current Oracle and Excel versions. Excel versions supported are XP (2002), 2000 and 97. Oracle versions supported are 9i, 8i, 8.x and 7.x.

ScreenCam Tutorials



Shows the installation of SQL*XL and the first startup of the program in Office XP.


Shows the support for macro recording and VBA programming.

To start the tutorial download the file by clicking the icon. Unzip the file and open it in the screencam player which you can download from here

Follow the following links for more info...

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Buy SQL*XL 2 Full

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