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SQL*XL - Reviews

I am a Process Improvement Analyst at my company which calls for intensive data mining from several different sources. I combine data from SQL Server, Access, & Oracle together and produce reports and lists in Excel.

SQL*XL has enabled me to use Excel to gather the information from these varied data sources, combine the data, massage it and finally produce the reports all from inside Excel. No more manual importing data into Excel. I also use Excel macros and VBA to automate my processes and have most of the database queries and file downloads processed during off hours which saves time and money and frees up the databases for all users during the daytime hours.

I have been very impressed with the technical support that I have received along with this product and would highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a user friendly, easy to learn program that can dramatically increase productivity for persons needing to extract data from Oracle or SQL Server Databases.

Mitchell Davenport, CPIC Analyst, Southern Company Services, USA

I must complement you on SQL*XL, it is a great tool to have and in the words of Scarlett O'Hara, "As God as my witness, I shall never use SQL Loader again !

David S. McCurry, Titan Technology Partners, Inc. USA

I discovered SQL last year and very quickly discovered all the limitations of MS Query. Finding SQL*XL was a godsend. I can write the SQL statements into Excel over multiple columns and use Excel's ability to group and string slice to produce compound SQL statements. Later I can then place a tested SQL statement into a workbook and use ODBC in VBA to allow a third party user to run the SQL with variables selected from a user form.

Table maintenance is easy for the few I maintain and very easy to update from Excel’s graphical Interface. Secondly the program is worth it just for the table view

Simon Ardron, Senior Business Analyst, McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, UK

Your SQL*XL product has helped my company significantly improve the quality of the software we produce. I am a QA/Automation Tester and have been using Excel and SQL*XL together to directly call and automate the testing process of our "middle tier" PL/SQL packages. By being able to "bind" variables to PL/SQL procedures and call them with SQL*XL, I am able to set up many "testing scenarios" in a single spreadsheet and make direct calls to them to see the returned values. I am then able to save the results of each stored procedure as a unit test case, and re-run them again whenever changes are made to the packages. This has been invaluable as we move to rapid development practices.

Your product has made it easy for me (with a VB background) to do some very significant, thorough, and repeatable testing of our packages without having to learn and write my test scripts in PL\SQL or perl.

Another huge bonus is that I also use SQL*XL to load tables with testing data! Yesterday I needed a year's sales history for testing. All I had to do was select back similar data into excel, modify some of the field values, and shoot it right back to the tables with a multi-row insert. Voila, 52 weeks of daily cash register sales history in under 5 minutes!

Dale Motsiff, QA/Automation, GERS Retail Systems, USA

I'm a consultant and I use SQL*XL to extract data from custom built Oracle Applications tables. I then use these spreadsheets to 'franchise' the input into other database instances. Now, instead of creating CSV's using SQL Plus and loading the CSV into Excel, I just enter the query and get my data.

Tony Boldt, Principle Technical Specialist, USA

I'm an Information Systems Technician supporting many labs, here at Hewlett-Packard, with statistical metrics and reports, based on the data we collect in our labs. While Oracle provides a great database, most, who use the metrics and reports I create, are comfortable with using Excel to view and manipulate the reports, as needed. SQL*XL provides the cross compatibility needed to bridge the Oracle-to-Excel gap, without having to bother with ODBC drivers, external query applications, or a lot of redundant steps. SQL*XL is a must have for those who live both in the Oracle and Excel worlds.

Berkeley Slattum, Information Systems Technician, Hewlett-Packard, USA

I am Senior Database Administrator and Architect in my company which is a front-runner in the CRM space. We implement VLDBs for our Fortune 100 clients for their CRM/DSS needs. While writing an intricate capacity planning and physical implementation application in Excel that could do simulation too, I had problems moving data back and forth from my Oracle repository that had to deal with many predicates (filters) on both sides. Moreover, I needed a way to incorporate these into Exccel macros and Visual Basic routines. Then I found SQL*XL and believe me, it was like heaven sent.

Prithwi Thakuria, Sr. DBA/Architect, Tessera Enterprise Systems USA.