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SQL*XL release log.
This document describes the releases made between version 4.1.12 dated 9/March/2007 and version 4.3.10 dated 7/Sep/2008. For the most current release please see:
For a description of the SQL*XL program see


SQL*XL 4.3.10 (7/Sep/2008)

  • Added advice message for corrupt MDAC (Microsoft data objects) installations.

SQL*XL 4.3.9 (9/Aug/2008)

SQL*XL 4.3.7 (22/June/2008)  

SQL*XL 4.3.6 (9/June/2008)

SQL*XL 4.3.2 (20/May/2008)  

SQL*XL 4.2.5 (03/Nov/2007)  

SQL*XL 4.2.4 (09/Oct/2007)

SQL*XL 4.2.2 (3/June/2007)  

SQL*XL 4.1.13 (16/March/2007)  

SQL*XL 4.1.12 (9/March/2007)  

Release log covering versions 4.0.41 - 4.1.11:
Release log covering versions 4.0.26 - 4.0.40: