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SQL*XL release log.
This document describes the releases made between version 4.0.26 dated 31/Oct/2005 and version 4.0.40 dated 21/Feb/2006. For the most current release please see:
For a description of the SQL*XL program see

SQL*XL 4.0.40 (21/Feb/2006)

SQL*XL 4.0.39 (08/Feb/2006)

  • Some screens translated to:
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Simplified Chinese

  • Fixed some problems with -- comments:
  • Fixed problems with multiple insert where 0 values are treated as nulls giving rise to errors with not null constraints.
  • Added more commands that work with parameters.
  • Redeveloped the parameters dialog.

SQL*XL 4.0.37 (26/Jan/2006)

SQL*XL 4.0.36 (20/Jan/2006)
  • Language setting. Some screens translated to:
    • Portuguese
    • Danish
    • French
    • Romanian

  • Fix for: Error in multiple rows update (EOF), Error without output targets other than Excel. Affected versions 4.0.31-4.0.35

SQL*XL 4.0.34 (9/Jan/2006)  
  • Language setting. Some screens translated to:
    • Slovenian
    • Italian
    • Croatian
    • Greek

SQL*XL 4.0.33 (6/Jan/2006)

SQL*XL 4.0.32 (2/Jan/2006)  

SQL*XL 4.0.31 (12/Dec/2005)  

SQL*XL 4.0.27 (7/Nov/2005)  
  • Fixed problem with parameters in select statements when using ADO connections. Errors occurred when the same parameter was used more than once.

SQL*XL 4.0.26 (31/Oct/2005)