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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL API: SQLPlus Object

SQLPlus Object


Class clsStmtSQLPlus is a subclass of:



The SQLPlus object encapsulates a SQL*Plus statement. The management of the SQLPlus objects is done by the SQL object and a SQLPlus object is an item in the SQL.Statements collection. The index property of the SQLPlus object corresponds to the index in the Statements collection.

To use the SQLPlus object use SQL object to assign a new SQL*Plus command. The SQL object will populate the Statements collection. A reference to the SQLPlus object can be created by using a command like: Set myvar = SQLXL.SQL.Statements(1)

The execute method of the SQLPlus object will run the command.


Name Data Type Description
Text As String The text of the SQL*Plus command



Name Data Type Description
Execute   Executes the SQL*Plus command



Explicitly format numbers to have 5 digits prefixing them with zeroes if needed:

SQLXL.SQL.setText Text:="column empno format 00000"
SQLXL.SQL.setText Text:="select empno,ename from emp"
With SQLXL.SQL.Statements(1)
    Set .Target= Targets( litExcel )
End With

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