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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL API: Database Object

Database Object




The Database object encapsulates all the functionality to do with the the database as a whole. This is mainly connecting and disconnecting to the database and performing commits and rollbacks.



Name Data Type Description
Connected As Boolean Connected is True when SQL*XL is currently connected to the database and False when it is not connected.
ConnectionType As Long (ReadOnly) litOO4O for Oracle Object for OLE connections or litSQLXLADO for all ADO connections.
Database As String Name of the database of the current connection. If Connected = False this property will be "".
UserName As String The user who currently connected to the datbase. If Connected = False this property will be "".


Name Parameters Description
Commit   Close the current transaction by saving the changes if any. Start a new transaction after the commit.
Connect UserName As String
PassWord As String
DBAlias As String
ConnectionType As Long
Optional ConnectionString As String
Optional AllowTransactions As Boolean
Connects SQL*XL to the database using the following connect string: username/password@dbalias. Set the ConnectionType to litOO4O or litSQLXLADO in order to make a connection using OO4O or ADO respectively. Check the Connected property to check whether the connect was successful. For ADO connections also use the optional ConnectionString parameter. The AllowTransactions parameter can be used to switch off transaction support.
DisConnect   Disconnects from the database. Use the Connected property to check whether SQL*XL is logged on.
Rollback   Close the current transaction by rolling back all changes. Start a new transaction after the rollback.



Issue a commit and disconnect from the database:




Connect to a database using ADO:

	SQLXL.Database.Connect UserName:="scott", Password:="tiger", DBAlias:="", ConnectionType:=litSQLXLADO, ConnectionString:="Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=scott;Data Source="""";Extended Properties=""""", AllowTransactions:=True


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