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SQL*XL: How do I know which database to connect to?

How do I know which database to connect to?


The connect dialog in SQL*XL expects you to know the username, password and database alias for the database you connect to.

The database alias:

The database alias is a nickname for a database. You can specify an alias in the tnsnames.ora file directly or you can use the SQL*Net Easy Config Utility (from Oracle). Refer to the Oracle documentation about how to specify a database alias if you need further assistance.

If you use Personal Oracle then you can leave the field blank or use 2: or beq-local as database alias.

The username/password:

If you don't know the user name and password you cannot login to the database. If you do not have to specify a username and password you can login using a backslash (/) symbol in the username field and by leaving the password field blank.

If you use Personal Oracle, there are a few preset user names and passwords:


If you are in doubt or need further assistance please ask your DataBase Administrator (DBA).

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