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SQL*XL: I cannot login to my database with SQL*XL but I can do so using SQL*Plus.

I cannot login to my database with SQL*XL but I can do so using SQL*Plus.


Some users report that the connection details that connect SQL*Plus to the database do not work in SQL*XL. Also connecting to the local database using 2: or local does not work whereas it does work in SQL*Plus.

You can do 2 things about this. One is to use an alternative connection type. As standard SQL*XL uses the OO4O driver. You can use SQL*XL ADO to connect to databases using ODBC and OLEDB. This way you bypass some of the issues with configuring OO4O. The second thing you can do is to verify you have the right configuarion settings. The remainder of this page will discuss this further.

SQL*Plus uses a different connection technique than SQL*XL does. In order for SQL*XL to connect to the database you need to create a database alias in the tnsnames.ora file. You can use a utility (by Oracle) called SQL*Net Easy Configuration to do this. Recently Oracle changed the name of this utility to NET8 Assistant. Otherwise you can edit the tnsnames.ora manually. If you are not sure what you're doing ask your DBA.

When you are running multiple Oracle homes (look at your path variable on the PC, are there multiple oracle/bin directories specified?) then you are required to have the Oracle home you wish to use - for which you are changing the tnsnames.ora file - first in the path.

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