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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL: How to run SQL*XL?

How to run SQL*XL?

Running SQL*XL can be done in several ways. If you run SQL*XL for the first time please use the menu item provided in your computer's start menu: Start | Programs | SQL XL. You can alternatively find sqlxl.xla in the installation directory and double click on it. Using File|Open in Excel will do exactly the same: opening up sqlxl.xla in Excel.

When you have started SQL*XL it will bring up Excel and display the SQL*XL menu in Excel. Before it can do this it will show a message if you would allow SQL*XL to execute macros. Please enable SQL*XL to use macros otherwise nothing will happen.

All further actions within SQL*XL are evoked from the SQL*XL menu.

If you use SQL*XL again in the future you will notice that the SQL*XL menu item is left behind in Excel. Whenever you open Excel the SQL*XL menu is there. When you click the menu item for the first time it will load SQL*XL into Excel.

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