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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL: What do I need on my PC to run SQL*XL?

What do I need on my PC to run SQL*XL?


If you can't get SQL*XL to work please check this page to see whether you run the correct environment on your PC. To run SQL*XL you need the following on the client PC. You do not need anything special on the database servers.

  • Oracle Client for Oracle 7 or better or install the Oracle Instant Client
    (only if you try to connect to Oracle databses)
    You need either the full Oracle home or the much smaller Oracle Instant Client software.
    If you need the Oracle Client software speak to your local database administrator. You can download the free Oracle Instant Client software from Note that You can only connect through ODBC using the Oracle Instant Client whereas you can choose between OO4O, OLE DB or ODBC when you have the full Oracle client installed.

  • Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O)
    (only if you try to connect to or Oracle databses)
    If SQL*XL complains about the OO4O setup of missing files for OO4O please install it again. It is available for free from Oracle at in the software drivers section.
    You can also connect to Oracle through OLE DB and ODBC. Please configure a new ADO connection. For those without a full Oracle Client installed, you can use the much smaller Oracle Instant Client.

    (only if you try to connect through SQL*XL ADO)
    In order for SQL*XL to connect using the SQL*XL ADO software and use ODBC or OLEDB you need to have installed the ODBC and/or OLEDB drivers. On most PCs this is already installed as part of the operating system (MDAC: see Refer to the connection help for details how to connect to your database.

  • Windows95 or better
    Right click on the my computer icon on your screen. Properties tells you which version of windows you are running.

  • Excel 97 or better
    In Excel see the help about dialog.

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