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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL: Rerun a query

Rerun a query


After a query was executed it can sometimes be handy to be able to rerun the same query and effectively refresh the data. In SQL*XL there exists a shortcut to achieve this.

Simply select the top left cell of the previously created resultset table and execute the menu command SQL*XL|Query. It will now load the SQL back into the query editor of SQL*XL. You can now rerun this SQL statement.

A few usage notes:

- This technique only works when the SQL was saved in a note with the query results when you ran the query initially.
- Only select the top left corner of the results table, so select only 1 cell!
If more than 1 cell is selected, SQL*XL will take the contents of all cells and use that as the SQL statement.

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