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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL: Manual Installation / Uninstallation

Manual Installation / Uninstallation


This page describes how to install / uninstall SQL*XL manually. It is recommended however that you use the SQL*XL installer and the SQL*XL uninstaller. Proceeding is at your own risk.

Manual Installation:

  • All the files you need are in the file
  • Extract all files from the cab file into one directory
  • Register all dll and ocx files into the registry using the windows regsvr32 utility:
    regsvr32 dllname.dll
  • Open sqlxl.xla in Excel. You can use in Excel File-Open to open the file
  • Once sqlxl.xla is opened in Excel it will create the menu and toolbar in Excel.
    Note that this is not necessary for Excel 2007. After registering the dll's the SQL*XL ribbon will show in Excel 2007.

Manual UnInstallation:

  • When you run Excel 2003 or lower, start SQL*XL once more and go to the About dialog.
    Press the button to uninstall SQL*XL from Excel.
    This will remove the SQL*XL toolbar and menu.
  • Close Excel
  • Remove the SQL*XL application directory.
    By removing the dll's the SQL*XL ribbon will also be removed from Excel 2007

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