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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL: Excel Oracle OO4O Connection

SQL*XL: Excel Oracle OO4O Connection


To connect to Oracle databases using the OO4O driver (Oracle Objects for OLE) please follow the procedure below:

Start Excel
Open the Connection dialog: SQL*XL | Connect...
Type the User Name, Password and Database alias

After connecting to the database once you can reconnect by selecting the connection from the Connection History list and typing the Password.


Use the same connection details as you would use with SQL*Plus.

If you are prompted by SQL*XL that OO4O is not or incorrectly installed you have 2 options: connect using ODBC or OLEDB with SQL*XL ADO or install OO4O.

OO4O is always shipped with Oracle licenses. Look on your Oracle Client CD or on the Personal Oracle CD.

You can download the latest version of OO4O from metalink or from (look in the software / drivers section)

Note for Oracle 8.1.7 users:
The initial version of OO4O for this Oracle version will prevent you from using the insert feature in SQL*XL. I recommend you to install the latest available version of OO4O.

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