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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL: Excel MS Project OLE DB Connection

SQL*XL: Excel MS Project OLE DB Connection


To connect to MS Project using the OLE DB Provider (driver) please follow the procedure below:

Start Excel
Open the Connection dialog: SQL*XL | Connect...
Start the Data Link Properties wizard

Data Link Properties

Choose the Provider MS Project 9.0 OLE DB Provider
Note that the MS Project Provider is not shown in the screen print above.
Also note that the MS Project Provider will be installed by MS Project. If it is not there, run the MS Project installer again and include more items to be installed "from this computer".


Leave all the details on this page at their defaults. Specify your *.mpp file in the "All" tab as shown below.

Please return to the "Connection" tab and use the Test Connection button before you continue

After connecting to the database once you can reconnect by selecting the connection from the Connection History list and typing the Password.

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