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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL: Automate the daily insertion of a dbase file into Oracle using SQL*XL

Automatically connect to the database 


This topic tries to answer the question, how SQL*XL can connect to the database without going through the connection dialog each time and type the username and password.

The technique described here will let you record a macro. You can execute the macro to connect to the database. At the end of this topic you will find the information how to link the macro to a new toolbar button. That could be a convenient way to connect to the database. There are other variants possible as well. You could link it to a menu item, or make SQL*XL connect whenever you start Excel.


  1. Start Excel
  2. open a new workbook
  3. start the macro recorder (Tools|Macro|Record New) Name the macro: ConnectToDB and save it in the current workbook
  4. use the SQL*XL Connection dialog to connect to the database
  5. stop the macro recorder
  6. save the workbook as ConnectToDB.xls
    It is possible to open this .xls at any time and go to Tools|Macros|Run and run the ConnectToDB macro.

    To make it easier, you can make a toolbar button.
  7. Go to View|Toolbars|Customize
  8. From categories, select macros
  9. Select the custom button item
  10. Drag it anywhere in an existing toolbar (or you could have created a new toolbar earlier for it)
    (Do not create it in the SQL*XL menu or toolbar as these are recreated each time SQL*XL starts. )
  11. Leave the Customize dialog open and right click on the new button
  12. Give it a new name and button image (optional)
  13. Right click and go to Assign Macro
  14. Choose your ConnectToDB macro
    Now, when you start Excel the next time, this new button is already visible. The interesting thing is that your ConnectToDB.xls file is not yet open... When you click the button, Excel will open the .xls and execute the macro. Executing the macro will make SQL*XL to load into Excel and connect to the database. Could it be easier?

    Variations on this theme are:
    - load the .xls at startup of Excel
    - connect to the database whenever you start Excel
    - convert the macro workbook into an addin

    If you need information on any of these, please let me know.

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