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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL - Linking Excel to databases


Add-in for MS Excel that adds full database access to Excel.

SQL*XL Help System - Overview

SQL*XL help
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Welcome to SQL*XL!

SQL*XL gives MS Excel full access to external databases. Through SQL*XL Excel can be used as scratchpad for your databases. You can easially send data to and from your databases. You will find that SQL*XL is nicely integrated into Excel: it has it's own menu and toolbar and supports even Excel's macro recording and VBA!

Look here when you are using SQL*XL for the first time

Learn all about SQL*XL please see the following help sections. Help is available almost in every dialog in SQL*XL. Simply use F1 or click the help button to jump to the correct help page.

SQL*XL Features

In this section the most commonly used features of SQL*XL are explained. Read how to connect to your database and interact with it.

SQL*XL Advanced Features

More advanced features are discussed in this section. Read how to execute multiple statement, how to explicitly format your data and more...

SQL*XL Reference

Detailed information is available about each menu item, dialog and dialog contents. A complete reference manual.
In addition to this find in the SQL*XL Reference the details how to record macros with SQL*XL and write your own macros / VBA programs.

Trouble Shooting

A few common pitfalls with their workarounds and solutions.

SQL*XL help 1.1.4

SQL*XL ribbon in Excel