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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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Execute Mail Merge


The last retrieved data set (result from executing a select statement) remains available in Excel. Using the insert merge field menu you can create Excel formulas that retrieve the current value for one of the columns in the data set. You need to insert the merge fields in your own spreadsheet template to show a data field. The spreadsheet template is a formatted sheet where you leave some blank cells for the data. SQL*XL will insert the data in the blanks using the merge fields. Use the recordset scroll buttons to scroll through the records and to inspect whether all values show ok in your template.

When you have finished creating your spreadsheet template with the merge fields, use the execute mail merge function to start the mail merge. SQL*XL will make copy the template at the bottom of the spreadsheet for each row. SQL*XL will insert a page break between each copy so when you print the pages it will print a template copy on each page.

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