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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL: SQLQueryValue Excel function



=SQLFunction(FunctionName [, Parameter1] [, Parameter2] [, ...])
=SQLFunctionVolatile(FunctionName [, Parameter1] [, Parameter2] [, ...])

FunctionName (datatype String): Name of the database function to call. This may be a stored function, or a function in a package. 
Parameter1 (datatype Variant): Value that is passed to the function as the first parameter. If omitted no function parameters are used. 
Parameter2 (datatype Variant): Value of the second function parameter. To use more than 2 parameters just keep adding parameter values.

The SQLFunction Excel function executes a function in the database and displays the result in the cell. You can call a function with any number of input parameters. It is also possible to call a function in a package.

SQLFunctionVolatile does exactly the same but this function will always be evaluated when Excel calculates.

A1: = SQLFunction( "fn_invalid_objects" )
A2: = SQLFunction( "my_package.fn_inventory" , D12 )
--Note that the function fn_inventory is called in package my_package supplying the value in D12 as the first function input parameter..

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