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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL online help

SQL*XL: SQL dialog: SQL From option group

SQL Source optiongroup (SQL dialog)


Specifies where the SQL should be read from. Three choices are given:

  • this dialog:

    Use a textarea on the dialog to enter the SQL. When this option is selected the textarea will become visible.

  • a worksheet:

    Use SQL from a range of cells on a worksheet. When this option is selected a reference box will be presented in which you can specify the range of cells where the SQL is stored. The easiest way this is done is by putting the cursor in the reference box and by thereafter selecting the block of cells on the worksheet using the mouse. Excel will automatically populate the reference box with the address of the selected cells.

In previous versions of SQL*XL you could also specify to take SQL from a file. If you would like to read the file into the editor you can now use the file/open menu in the SQL editor. If you would like SQL*XL to take the SQL file and immediately execute it, use the start or @ command.

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