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SQL*XL: Variable command

Variable command


Version 1: var[iable] variable {NUMBER | STRING[n] | VARCHAR[(n)] | DATE |OTHER};
Version 2: var[iable] variable;
Version 3: var[iable];

Description:< BR > Version 1:
Defines a bind variable. If the variable does not exist it will be created. If there is already a variable with that name, the data type will be set. Note that for text variables (String / Varchar as synonyms) you can set a size. If you are using the bind variable to receive output from e.g. a stored procedure you can set the size here. E.g. If the stored procedure sends a maximum of 250 characters you set the parameter to size 250.

Version 2:
Displays the definition (data type) of the bind variable in a message box.

Version 3:
Shows the parameters dialog. You can configure variables in the parameters dialog.

var employee number;
var employee;


var myoutputvar varchar(200);

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