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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge

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SQL*XL: Column command

Column command


There are 2 column commands available:

  1. COL[UMN] column_name FOR[MAT] format_spec;
  2. COL[UMN] column_name HEA[DING] heading_spec;


  1. COLUMN column_name FORMAT format_spec;

    Formats a column name according to the format specified.

    • column_name:
      The column name or column alias used in the query.
    • format_spec:
      Either string with the Format to use to format the column values or a cell from which the formats are taken. Note that Excel formats are used.
      column empno format "00000";
      column hiredate format "dd/mm/yyyy hh";
      column sal format "###,##0.00";
      column ename format D12;

      Look in Format|Cells|Custom for more examples.

  2. COLUMN column_name HEADING heading_spec;

    Specify which string you wish to use as column heading.

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