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SQL*XL: Break command

Break command


BRE[AK] [ON column_name [action [action]]...;

> Where:

The break command can be used to create report breaks. When value in a column changes a break event is generated and the action is executed. This way you can skip a line (SKIP 1) when a value changes in a column. In addition duplicate values can be suppressed (NODUP). You can specify more than one break column by adding more on clauses at the end.

Break setting will remain active for the remainder of the database session. When you connect again the break settings will be removed. You can also manually remove break settings by executing the clear breaks command.

> Executing a break command replaces the previous break settings.

break on deptno skip 2 duplicates;
select * from emp order by deptno;

> break on job skip 1 nodup on deptno nodup;
select ename, job, deptno from emp order by job, deptno;

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