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SQL*XL - Editions
SQL*XL editions and version history.

There are two editions of SQL*XL. SQL*XL Standard and SQL*XL Universal. The Universal edition can connect to any database type and using any driver (if supported). The Standard edition is restricted to use Oracle databases through the driver OO4O (this is a free driver by Oracle which is part of the Oracle Home software). The Universal edition can use Microsoft's ADO technology which includes XML features and ODBC, OLE DB support. Many more advanced techniques will only be available in the Universal edition.

For a detailed account of the changes to each release of the SQL*XL software I refer to the SQL*XL release log.

Date Version Description
  • Aug 2010
SQL*XL 5.0 Support for Excel 2010 (x86) and Windows 7 (x86 and x64).
  • May 2007
SQL*XL 4.2 Support for Excel 2007. Full table backup possible (lifting the end of sheet limit).
  • Jul 2006
SQL*XL 4.1 Adding the database connection wizard.
  • Nov 2004
SQL*XL 4.0 Combining SQL*XL and SQL*XL ADO into the SQL*XL 4 Universal product.
  • Jun 2003
SQL*XL 3.1 + SQL*XL ADO Adding support for other drivers and databases than Oracle.
  • Oct 2002
SQL*XL 3.0 Complete code rewrite.
  • Feb 2002
Oraxcel 2.6
  • Sep 2001
Oraxcel 2.5
  • Apr 2001
Oraxcel 2.4
  • Jun 2000
Oraxcel 2.3
  • Apr 2000
Oraxcel 2.2
  • Nov 1999
Oraxcel 2.1
  • 1998
Oraxcel 2.0
  • 1998
  • 1997
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