SQL*XL - Customer Case Study


Central Vermont Medical Center


Central Vermont Medical Center, the parent corporation of Central Vermont Hospital, Woodridge Nursing Home and Central Vermont Physician Practice Corporation, is the primary provider of health care services for 65,000 people who live in Central Vermont.




Requirements to meet

We have several Oracle and SQL Server databases from which we need to extract and combine data for our financial and statistical reporting needs.

Issues to tackle

Multiple SQL based servers with various components to our reporting needs.
Managers who need daily data that literally takes hours to generate from our medical software system.

Approach taken

Using SQL*XL I am able to write queries, save and reuse to populate Excel spreadsheets, I can train the manager in its use and they will be able to do this on their own.


We are still in development as far as the entire institution is concerned, but from the few departments we have completed to date we have been very successful. In my mind, SQL*XL is a tool that should come bundled in any Oracle or SL Server installation. I am able to use it for maintenance of tables as well as real-time reporting, our less computer literate folks have no problem using the tool, at some point I will create a macro driven menu that will call the sql queries.