SQL*XL - Customer Case Study




Mobile Phone Company based in Sweden


Requirements to meet

To create, read, update and delete tables in Oracle 8 and 9 databases for testing a data warehouse solution. We have the same requirements the development of another system: a new case tracking system. This was for maintaining TEST/DUMMY data and for maintaining REFERENCE data. Two things that MS Excel and SQL*XL are extremely well suited to.

Issues to tackle

Solution had to allow very easy/fast manipulation of the data in the tables. SQL*XL allowed this exceptionally well through MS Excel. The data must be exported to "loadscripts" that could be run automatically. Again Excel and SQL*XL allowed to do this easily.

Approach taken

We used SQL*XL with some custom VBA script on top. We put buttons on a toolbar. All the functionality in our solution could be started through these buttons. The users don't ever use the SQL*XL menus although using these menus was essential in working out how to develop our VBA code.


Excellent, see screenshot: