SQL*XL - Customer Case Study


Snap Syndicate


Snap Syndicate uses a custom-built Oracle application to market the work of freelance writers and photographers around the world



Requirements to meet

We need a quick and easy way to upload new and updated customer information to our database. This data is kept in an Excel spreadsheet. We needed a way to get the data from the spreadsheet into a temporary table in the database. At that point a conversion program is run to process the data appropriately.

Issues to tackle

I have spent many hours trying to manipulate the very cantankerous SQL*LOADER to put the data into the database. However, SQL*Loader is really a DBA tool, and a DBA I am not! SQL*Loader has problems importing very large character fields and there is much manipulation that has to be done to the spreadsheet, temporary database table and the control files each time an import is run.

Approach taken

Using SQL*XL has allowed me to set a more "standard" process. There are no control files to be altered and I can continue to use the same spreadsheet template and temporary database table. This has cut my import time tremendously.


Importing new data takes less than 5 minutes! Tools such as SQL*XL make my life so much easier! I spent more than two days messing with SQL*Loader - and as we know, time is money.