SQL*XL - Customer Case Study


Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's office of Information Assurance, US Army


Provide global surface deployment command & control and distribution operations to meet National Security objectives in peace and war.




Requirements to meet

Provide security engineers with a quick and simple way of querying the databases for data needed for their reports and analysis.

Issues to tackle

Was using Discoverer as a front-end for an Oracle database and it was very slow and required extra steps to bring the data into the Excel spreadsheet used for reporting. Also was using Excel to download data from an Access query and then moving the data into the reporting spreadsheet; it was too cumbersome.

Approach taken

For the Oracle database, created pro-forma SQL queries that I paste onto the SQL window of SQL*XLS and modify as necessary-I run these myself and send results to engineers. For the Access queries, created queries on named cells which are run by the engineers as needed.


Engineers are happy with the quick results put directly into a formatted spreadsheet, and have learned to create queries themselves. With the additional licenses we received they will be able to create their own solutions and manipulate data however they needed it. I am happy because I find that SQL*XLS runs faster than SQL*Plus in my environment (about 9 million new records a day.) I've been using it for any ad-hoc query I need to run.