SQL*XL - Customer Case Study




S*BIO transforms the lives of people with cancer by creating breakthrough therapies with improved clinical outcomes, demonstrating our determination to be a driving force in the fight against cancer.



Requirements to meet

I need to watch the data format and consistency of records submitted by biologists and chemists to our Oracle database. Sometimes I  need to update or delete a batch of experimental results. I prefer to manage the process from within Excel.

Issues to tackle

Though we use several proprietary software systems, the lack of simplicity, the poor performance and difficulty to use these systems has always been an issue.

Approach taken

Only then, I found SQL*XL from forums, the feedback was encouraging and I wanted to give a try. Believe it or not, it just turned my nightmare jobs to dream jobs. I love using it.


The fast and easy connectivity with Oracle database should be appreciated. The timing was greatly reduced in retrieving records or submission of changes.