SQL*XL - Customer Case Study


Praxair Distribution, Inc., Bethlehem, PA


With annual sales of $5.1 billion, Praxair, Inc. (NYSE:PX) is a global, Fortune 500 company that supplies atmospheric, process and specialty gases, high-performance coatings, and related services and technologies.




Requirements to meet

To extract information from Oracle databases in an efficient manner without extensive programming experience. Needs to be somewhat user-friendly so others can use it's capabilities.

Issues to tackle

Few employees at our location have the time or background to learn how to use SQL+ commands to obtain information or create reports.

Approach taken

After an extensive internet and literature search, I purchased SQL*XL. Gerrit-Jan was extremely helpful with overcoming a few start-up issues to get the program working as I had envisioned.


Terrific! I combined the power of SQL*XL with Excel macro programming to easily create both routine and complex reports. I have also trained others how to use it as well.