SQL*XL - Customer Case Study




Pfizer Inc discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets leading prescription medicines for humans and animals and many of the world's best-known consumer brands.




Requirements to meet

To connect to Oracle databases and return information to Excel. Our queries aren't complicated, but analysis can be performed quickly and easily in Excel, via crystal reports or business objects.

Issues to tackle

Data is locked away in Oracle but our skill sets are primarily in Excel. We don't want to learn, or pay for, additional software but would rather leverage our skills. SQL*XL allows us to extract the data we need and work directly in Excel. Great program.

Approach taken

We have been using SQL*XL for years with considerable success. Now we don't have to bother our DBAs with our requests, but can run our own queries, when convenient to us. Once in Excel, we can run additional sorts and pivots that help us drill down to the information we want.


Quick and easy turn-around of data requests from our bosses.