SQL*XL - Customer Case Study


Kronos Inc. - Labor Analytics Division


Kronos Incorporated is universally recognized as the world's #1 provider of solutions for frontline labor management. With approximately 40,000 customers worldwide, Chelmsford, Mass.-based Kronos offers the broadest suite of applications for managing employee time and activity data, scheduling the workforce, and providing frontline managers with the tools they need to measure and improve labor productivity.




Requirements to meet

We are a software vendor who provides labor productivity software on an Oracle platform. Our clients use this software as data warehousing.

Issues to tackle

Our clients ask for custom queries in an excel spreadsheet all the time.

Approach taken

We use SQL*XL to populate their schemas and modify records continually.

In the past, we used SQL*Loader which calls for extra efforts in saving data in certain formats, etc. Once we were introduced to SQL*XL, we fell in love.


We LOVE this product.

Our productivity has significantly increased b/c we use this product. Plus, for training new hires, they already know Excel, but they don't know SQL*Loader!