SQL*XL - Customer Case Study




Kirona are at the forefront of wireless & mobile technology, through delivery of a wide range of real time systems with a comprehensive off-line model, across many verticals. Using Oracle Wireless Technology and the unique Kirona Mobile Generation (KMG) tools, over 30 public sector customers have now proven the ROI.




Requirements to meet

To avoid writing copious amounts of CTL files and using SQL*Loader all the time. Also to generate customer / site spreadsheets from my bug / issue tracking database which is held in mySQL. These are then sent to customers.

Issues to tackle

As above

Approach taken

Already using SQL*XL v3 for Oracle, and needed to extend its use for MySQL.


Excellent. Worked first time, giving me professional spreadsheets which allow my customers to track their bugs and enhancement requests without me having to re-key any issues directly into Excel.