SQL*XL - Customer Case Study


Kappa Förenade Well AB


Kappa Packaging is one of Europe's largest innovative companies operating in the production, development and sale of containerboard, solid board, corrugated and solid board packagings, graphic and specialty board. With a workforce numbering around 16,500 employees, Kappa Packaging achieves sales of EUR 3.0 billion.




Requirements to meet

Give customers the latest status information with regards to orders placed at our company.

Issues to tackle

We need to communicate to our customers what the status of the current orders are. We also want to send them a historical list of completed and delivered orders. Together with this information we want provide our customers with current stock information and information relating to unpaid invoices.

Approach taken

There was only one way to do this : SQL*XL with SQL*XL ADO !


Every Sunday over one hundred of our large customers get an email with this information attached in a spreadsheet. There is no better way to do this.

We have incorporated this direcly with our bussiness tool and database so we can get instant access to the live data.

MS-Query is like the stoneage compared to SQL*XL !

With SQL*XL, SQL*XL ADO and MS Excel I can do everything to make this possible.