SQL*XL - Customer Case Study


Integer Group Ltd


Third party distribution and fulfilment company. UK




Requirements to meet

SQL queries on our MySQL databases, with insert and update from result.

Issues to tackle

a) Easy to get SQL queries, and easy to get record-by-record modification. Not easy to find a method of modifying records by batch and then securely updating them.
b) Quick and easy way of compiling basic SQL scripts.

Approach taken

a) Connect to MySQL databases on Linux server
b) Sheet 1 of spreadsheet is SQL script compiler - using Excel data validation : lookup # 1 lists tables, lookup # 2 lists fields within that table, additional cells for modifiers etc.
c) Sheet 2 of spreadsheet is Results


a) Select SQL components
b) Submit SQL
c) Go to results
d) Edit results
e) Update edits
f) Run script again
g) Check edited records
h) Downsize data processing team (only kidding ...I think)