SQL*XL - Customer Case Study




Global IT technology company


Requirements to meet

To Load financial data from an Excel spreadsheet to an Oracle based Data warehouse. This data would then be joined with other data to create star schemas for analyzing performance metrics.

Issues to tackle

The Finance users do not want to enter data into two places, they want to use their current tool (Excel) and they want confirmation that the data was loaded successfully.

Approach taken

1 First approach was to save excel as .csv on a share drive and use an ETL tool to load it into the data warehouse.

2 Second approach was to use SQLXL and create an upload button in the Excel spreadsheet that the user would press when they were ready to upload the data.


To number 1 above: Very time consuming, many processes and the users did not know if the data was loaded.

To number 2 above: Worked very well for small volumes.