SQL*XL - Customer Case Study




Honeywell is a fortune 100 company with 100,000 employees in nearly 100 countries. Main activities are in the aerospace and defense industry.




Requirements to meet

I was looking for a product that would
1) allow us to Upload a table into Oracle from Excel
2) provide a quick and easy way to get information from Oracle

Issues to tackle

We wanted to eliminate manual involvement every time the Budget/Actuals (which reside in Excel) needed to get uploaded into Oracle.

We also wanted a product that would allow us to quickly retrieve information from Oracle.

Approach taken

Using SQL*XL we recorded a macro which simulated the Upload into Oracle. We then schedule this job automatically and when a budget change takes place it gets reflected in Oracle.


Manual Involvement was removed in the small amount of time it took to learn this product.

It has also , on quite a few occasions , provided us with a tool to quickly and easily respond to ad-hoc requests from our Customers