SQL*XL - Customer Case Study


University of Hawaii -
College of Business Administration


The University of Hawai‘i System includes 10 campuses and dozens of educational, training and research centers across the Hawaiian Islands.



Requirements to meet

Find a database reporting tool that allows ad-hoc querying by the end- user, without too much of a learning curve or a price that causes sticker shock.

Issues to tackle

Most database reporing tools require significant learning by the end- user to start using them. Some of them are also not very user friendly in my opinion. Over here at University of Hawaii we're supposed to use Oracle Discoverer (our student info system is on oracle), but I have never gotten the hang of it (and I'm supposed to be the IT specialist) I have observed that most people will use the tools they know to solve these kinds of problems, even if it is not appropriate. That usually means Excel or Word. Furthermore the data usually ends up in a spreadsheet anyway for further processing.

Approach taken

Rather than fight user habits as described above I decided to see if there was a way they could be accomodated in Excel.


It looks as if this could be a good solution for a large subgroup of end users.