SQL*XL - Customer Case Study


Cliffe Test Management & Chutzpa Computing Limited


Software testing and IT consultancy




Requirements to meet

 I needed to develop a bug tracking system, for an urgent software development project
To create a quick and simple interface to my faults database. I have since written a PHP front-end for the system

Issues to tackle

Cost/ease of use/Speed of development

  • I looked at several commercial offerings, but they were either too expensive, too complex, or not just what I needed.
  • Using SQL*XL, I had my interfaces up and running within 30 minutes after installation!
  • I was able to easily tailor the SQL queries, to deliver exactly what I needed to see in Excel.

Approach taken

Cost SQL*XL is very reasonably priced

Ease of use SQL*XL is very straightforward to use

Speed, I cannot imagine anything delivering an initial solution any quicker


My resultant Bug tracking system, or Incident Management system, as it has evolved to be, was immediately useful. Subsequently, I replaced the Excel front-end, with an HTML/PHP interface. However, I did like the ease of use of SQL*XL, and I have thought of further opportunities for it, so I have also purchased SQL*ADO which will allow me to convert my database from Oracle, to MySQL. I can then put my Incident Management System onto my web server, and access it from anywhere in the world. I found that test execution management systems cost thousands of Pounds, so again, I used Excel to manage a complex suite of workbooks, holding Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Schedules, and Test Results. I use VBA to provide scripts which automate various tasks in the workbooks, and SQL*XL, and SQL*ADO, to provide dynamic links to my underlying databases. Using SQL*XL, and SQL*ADO, and MySQL, I have managed to develop a very complex system for managing and running a complex suite of Software Testing scripts, Incident Management, and detailed reporting scripts all for a fraction of the cost of commercial offerings, and much more flexible and easy to use!