SQL*XL - Customer Case Study




Accela, Inc. is the leading provider of government enterprise software solutions that provide agencies with the ability to automate workflow, track information, and manage data from a centralized database.



Requirements to meet

We needed to be able to query, modify existing table data, and reupload quickly and by users with limited knowledge of SQL.

Issues to tackle

Our product allows our customers to modify or redesign our product. In addition our Services/Implementation Team needed a quick and efficient way to modify our design without time consuming manual changes from within our Administrative interface.

Approach taken

Using SQL*XL we have created a standard Excel Workbook with all the needed sheets as tables. We have also prebuilt queries so minor modification to the query will allow downloading of design data from any given instance. The Services Team can then make the modifications and upload the modified data.


We have been able to speed up modifications to our software.