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Copies emails from Outlook to Excel.

Outlook2Excel - Copies emails and relevant information from Outlook into Excel.

The Outlook2Excel software reads email information from Outlook and dumps the information into Excel. In Excel, a new workbook will be created. The emails will be sorted, each email folder is dumped in a new worksheet (tab) in Excel. An index sheet will be created so you easially lookup your email folders.

Why dump email information into Excel? It may be convenient to be able to access your emails without running Outlook. You can archive your emails in this way. Taking emails home from work? You can simply dump all emails in a spreadsheet and take the spreadsheet home.


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An activation code is required starting the evaluation of the software. On download you will receive an activation code.

If you want to continue to evaluate the software after expiry of the evaluation period, please request a new activation code.

Please note that activation is not required when a license is bought for the software.

Simply use our request form to request the addition of a function you are missing!



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Find below a set of screen prints of the program in action:


Simply select all folders in outlook that you want to dump into Excel. Note that the program can work recursively, copying all subfolders if required.



Process progress indication is provided and you are able to cancel the process if required. During the processing, you can see the information going into Excel.