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JavaScript order form, easily configurable.

OrderForm is an online order form. OrderForm is easially configured and integrated in your website.

OrderForm is fully programmed in JavaScript. Don't worry if you don't know JavaScript. In order to implement it you don't need to program a line of code! If you do know Java Scripting you can tailor OrderForm to your full needs.

That's right, you will not only get a fully working order form but you will get the full source code for it as well.

No special web server is needed. The script works in most web hosting platforms

An implementation of OrderForm we use here at LIT for our online orders. If you want to see how it works click here to go to our order system.

The OrderForm consists of 3 screens:

Screen 1: Choose Software and Services

OrderForm Page1

Page 1 is used to enter the products or services your clients would like to order.

Using configuration files you define what should go in the Product lists and what are the unit prices for them. In all the order forms you can press Help to display a help file. The button Next will not work if no products or units are selected.

Page 2: Customer details & Payment Options

OrderForm Page2 

Page 2 is used to enter the customer information you need to collect in order to ship the products. The Country list is populated with all the countries.

The payment methods define which page to show next. In LIT's implementation we have choosen for CreditCard and other. Both screens will go to a similarly looking page. The code behind the page either hooks us to our CreditCard facilitator or use a simple form submit technique to email the order to us.

Page 3: Order Summary

OrderForm Page3

Page 3 is merely a summary page for the client. Nothing can be changed here but the Previous button will allow you to go back to page 2 or 1 to change the order.

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