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SQL*XL: Database to Excel bridge litLIB: Excel power functions pack ExcelLock: Secure and lock your valuable Excel spreadsheets. encOffice: Protect your Excel file easy and safe
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SQL*XL SQL*XL Huckel PrinterTrays
Test printer tray configurations
  • Discover printers and printer trays
  • Print a test on a specific tray
  • Full source code provided
Find differences in Word files
  • Highlights differences in 2 Word documents.
  • Start and stop comparing at any point in the document
  • Great to find small revisions
Split files into smaller ones
  • Split files in chucks of a particular byte size
  • Split text files in chunks of the number of lines of text
  • Easy rejoin files back together
View installed fonts
  • View and compare installed fonts
  • MS Excel interfac
Shows events at serial ports
  • Capture events on a COM RS232 serial port
  • Select the events you want to log
  • Log to screen and/or to file
Test serial COM RS232 ports
  • Allows to send/receive data on a COM port
  • Ability to set all status properties such as RTS, DTR
  • Source code provided
Javascript based order form
  • Easy configurable through text files
  • Leight weight. Only HTML and javascript. Stand-alone
  • No special web server needed
Replace text in files
  • Search and replace text in files
  • Search and replace multiple lines of text
  • Search through all files in a directory structure
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