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litXLS ActiveX dll

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Licensing information

A single license of litXLS may be used as a developer's license or as a runtime license for 1 user. A single litXLS license may not be used in a server environment; a server license would be required.

When distributing litXLS with your own programs a litXLS license is required for each of your end users. With the litXLS royalty free distribution license you can freely distribute litXLS with your own software. 

When using litXLS in a server environment (e.g. in a Citrix or other thin client environment) or when litXLS is used on a webserver, a server license is required.

litXLS is available as:

  • litXLS - Single User : for a single developer or end user
  • litXLS - Server : for a webserver or other server installation
  • litXLS - Royalty Free : free distribution with your own software

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Note that a server license or royalty free license may not be used as a developer license. For example, when you develop a webserver solution a developer license and the webserver license would be required.

When there are many developer / single end user licenses are required we can grant volume discounts. Please get in touch to discuss further.