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Key Features

litXLS produces new, binary, native Excel .xls files without using MS Excel. Although it is possible to control Excel from other applications and create .xls files that way, Excel was not designed to be used in this way. In fact Microsoft does not recommend to control Excel from external applications. Moreover, you would need to cater for all possible Excel versions your end users may use.

litXLS offers help by letting you create a .xls files without involving Excel.

Feature list:

  • Recognition of cell data format: the Excel default alignment is applied
    • Text is left aligned
    • numbers and dates are aligned to the right
    • numbers are created as numbers, dates as dates.
      This means you can use these cells in formulas
  • Set default column width
  • Set default row height
  • Insert horizontal and vertical page breaks
  • Define the column width
  • Limited ability to set fonts
    • 4 fonts + attributes can be used
    • Define font attributes
      • font name
      • font size
      • bold
      • italic
      • strikethrough
      • underline
  • Set horizontal alignment (left, right, center, fill)
  • Cell locking, Formula hiding & sheet protection
  • Set number formats (also used to format dates)
  • Define cell borders
  • Define the page setup for a worksheet
    • Define a header text
    • Define a footer text
    • Define margins (left, right, top, bottom)
    • Print gridlines setting
  • Produces a workbook (.xls) with one worksheet.
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